Rejuvenate Forever, LLC is an innovative holistic health company located in Glendale, Queens NY, specializing in the art of organic indoor growing, distribution and the the manufacturing of health foods and supplements. 

Our mission statement:

"To provide the general public with the most innovative holistic health products in the world so people can look and feel healthier, younger and stronger."


We grow our greens in sterilized organic soil instead of hydroponically because they're more flavorful that way. We trust Mother Nature’s ability to provide the best nutrients in the proper proportions for our baby plants to grow. We have mastered the are of growing perfeect wheatgrass. 


We sell our greens cut for convenience, or fresh-growing in soil, like a mini-garden in a cup. Either way, we are committed to giving you the freshest, tastiest, most nutritious and beautiful greens possible! We grow the best wheatgrass in New York. 

Wheatgrass wholesale in New York

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When you purchase a container of Rejuvenate Forever greens, you are getting hundreds of newly sprouted baby plants, each with the potential to grow into a mature plant. But in the seedling stage, they are nutritionally far superior!

Every plant grows from a seed. Each seed is packed full of highly potent food energy that is passed from the parent plant to provide all the baby plant’s nutritional needs. When a seed sprouts, it activates a powerful enzyme factory. These enzymes jumpstart a chain of chemical reactions that produce an amazing increase in vitamins (C, B, and E in particular), essential fatty acids, fiber, chlorophyll, antioxidants, and enriched minerals. Never again in a plant’s life will it contain such incredible nutrition.

When you eat a tiny mouthful of Rejuvenate greens, you are getting the nutritional punch of several baby plants at once. That is truly a lot of nutrition in every single bite!

Our Philosophy is "Always Fresh"

Wheatgrass wholesale in New York

Growing Wheatgrass in New York

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