Mustard, Green Wave
SKU: 66510

Sharp spicy flavor. Medium green leaves.

Collard, Champion
SKU: 66501

Medium green leaves, light green stems and a mild flavor.

SKU: 66494

Finely textured leaves.

Basil, Red Rubin
SKU: 66490

Sweet spicy flavor.

Basil, Dark Opal

SKU: 66487

Basil flavor. Mostly purple leaves with 20% variegated or green leaves.

​Amaranth, Garnet Red

SKU: 66451

Mild flavor. Attractive fuschia stems and leaves.

Microgreens are smaller than “baby greens,” and harvested later than “sprouts,” microgreens can provide a variety of leaf flavors, such as sweet and spicy. They are also known for their various colors and textures. Among upscale markets, they are now considered a specialty genre of greens that are good for garnishing salads, soups, plates, and sandwiches. Please check out our "Nutritional info page" to find out more about the nutritional value and how microgreens may potentially have higher levels of nutrients than mature vegetables.


Microgreens Wholesale in New York

Sorrel, Red Veined
SKU: 66513

Lemon flavor. Dark green leaves with red veins and stems.

Radish, Red Rambo
SKU: 66512

Mildly spicy flavor. Dark purple stems and leaves.

Kale, Red Russian

SKU: 66505

Mild flavor. Dark blue-green, serrated leaves outlined in pink.

SKU: 66498

New! Mild, sweet anise flavor.

Beet, Bull's Blood
SKU: 66492

Mild beet flavor. Deep burgundy leaves.

Basil, Italian Large Leaf

SKU: 66488

Basil flavor. Green stems and leaves.


SKU: 66486

Spicy arugula flavor. Purple stems and dark green leaves.

Mustard, Garnet Giant
SKU: 66509

Mildly spicy flavor. Darkest purple mustard.

Cutting Celery
SKU: 66503

New! Mild celery flavor.

Cabbage, Red
SKU: 66495

Mild flavor. Dark green leaves with purple margins.

Basil, Lemon
SKU: 66491

Lemon basil flavor. Green stems and leaves.

Radish, Daikon
SKU: 66511

Crisp, spicy flavor. Green leaves and white stems.

Fennel, Green
SKU: 66504

New! Great fennel flavor.

Chard, Bright Lights 
SKU: 66497

Mild beet flavor. Green leaves with bright reddish pink stems.

Beet, Early Wonder Tall Top
SKU: 66493

Mild beet flavor. Deep burgundy leaves.

Lemon Balm
SKU: 66508

New! Distinct lemon flavor.

Cress, Cressida
SKU: 66502

Spicy pepper flavor. Fancy, three-lobed leaves.

Chard, Bright Lights 
SKU: 66496

Mild beet flavor. Light green, gold, pink, orange, purple, red, and white stems.

Basil, Red Rubin
SKU: 66490

Sweet spicy flavor.

SKU: 66506

Dill-flavored, green feathery leaves.

Chinese Cabbage, Kogane
SKU: 66499

Mildly sweet flavor. Bright green leaves.

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Microgreens Wholesale in New York

Komatsuna, Red
SKU: 66507

Mild flavor. Dark maroon leaves with bright green undersides.

SKU: 66500

Cilantro flavor. Green, attractively-shaped leaves.