We are thrilled to bring our customers Frozen Wheatgrass shots that are easy and practical way to consume wheatgrass juice. Wheatgrass shots are the perfect way to get healthy nutrients without all the mess of juice. Life gets hectic and sometimes you do not have the time or desire to make the trip to your local juice bar. Pill and powder do not match up the nutritional content of Wheagrass juice. Rejuvenate Forever took the next logical step to flash freezing our Organic Wheatgrass by using a state of the art cold press juicer to make the purest and tastiest wheatgrass juice. Our wheatgrass is grown in a temperature controlled environment which yields perfect wheatgrass. We then ship the wheatgrass in a cooler packed with dry ice overnight to you address of choice. Wheat juice is so healthy for you. 

Buy Wheatgrass Grown in NY. Local and Organic

Overnight shipping at the best rate so your product arrives frozen and in peak nutrition condition. 

Purchase Wheatgrass and increase the health of firends and loved ones..

We grow our wheatgrass to its nutrittionall peak stage and sell it either by the tray or in 1 lb bags. Our wheatgrass has a vibrant green color and preserves for a long time. 

We grow our wheatgrass using Premium Organic Soil. We are in the midst of starting to compost so we can recycle our organic matter and become a greener company. We grow our wheatgrass in soil because we believe that its the only way to reach ideal nutritional value and taste. 

Our Wheatgrass Shots are Amazing.

Wheatgrass is the produce we are most enthusiastic about growing. Rejuvenate Forever understands and respects the amazing benefits of wheatgrass and love hearing all the anecdotes from customers who incorporated wheatgrass therapeutically into diet and improved their lives. It is referenced in many books and websites that once ounce of wheatgrass is the equivalent in vitamins, minerals, and enzymes of 7 pounds of premium juiced vegetables. Click here to learn more about Wheatgrass Juice.

BUY Wheatgrass. Purchase Wheatgrass made in NYC.

We grow the highest quality of Wheatgrass in NY. We use only the highest quality ingredients and perform intense scrutiny of our suppliers. We are certified organic growers by the USDA and we offer the tastiest wheatgrass.