Snow Pea Shoots: taste like snow peas from the vine, but are so much more versatile. Use them in sandwiches, as a garnish, in stir fries, or as part of your salad.Type your paragraph here.

Rejuvenate Forever offers several varieties of baby greens wholesale to restaurants, specialty distributors, health stores and individuals. Baby greens are different varieties than micros, and though they're larger, they are actually younger when harvested. They have their own special characteristics that make them favorites among fine chefs..

Baby Greens

Baby Green Varieties 

Sunflower Greens: have the nutty flavor of tiny sunflower seeds with the juicy crunch of a salad green. Wonderful in salads, on sandwiches, as a side-dish, or added to stir fries – you can cook them

Buckwheat greens: have a delicious taste and wonderful texture. Wonderful in salads or on sandwiches. Also can be juiced to enhance a particular health juice.